Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patio Cincinnati Ohio

Secret to Timeless Look: Exposed Aggregate Concrete

When laying out patios, driveways or sidewalks, many people will use variations of asphalt, gravel or concrete. There is any number of designs to choose from, but the most important aspect of the whole process is the finishing.

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the most popular times of finishing but to understand it, we need to know precisely how concrete works.

Understanding Concrete

Concrete is essentially a mix of water, sand, aggregate and cement. Now, the composition of these separate compounds usually varies from one type of project to the next and adjustments can be made if specific circumstances so dictate. Once you have all the components in their requisite ratios, the next step involves pouring the concrete.

After processes such as bull floating, flattening and washing, the final surface is exposed, and this is now what is known as exposed aggregate concrete.

Areas Where Exposed Aggregate Is Used

Concrete Patios

Patios make great living areas, despite the fact that they are usually on the outdoor area. Homeowners like this type of aggregate because it leaves a smooth finish after the process of washing has been achieved. There are different types of finishes for patios, and the user can make a choice that fits in with their aesthetic demands as well as landscaping preferences.

Concrete Driveways

These are usually very tricky, and they require a surface solid and stable enough to stand the test of time. Exposed aggregate concrete is a mainstay when it comes to driveways and is known for its resilience. If the right trowelling is done, the result is usually a piece of architecture resilient against the elements as well as mechanical pressure.

Concrete Sidewalks

As paved paths, sidewalks are an important element in road systems. Exposed aggregate is laid on and stabilized on the sides of roads to provide a walking area for pedestrians. The finish is mostly sleek, but the surface is solid enough to ensure stability when it’s snowy or rainy.

Exposed aggregate concrete concepts have also found application in the design of plazas, sound barrier walls, facades and retaining walls. More details here:

Benefits of Using Exposed Aggregate concrete Finishes

The surface is strong

This type of finish is usually rugged enough to allow for a solid interaction with the environment. There is very little danger of skidding, and most of these surfaces have been known to last for over a decade. Exposed pieces of architecture also tend to marry well with drainage systems.

Maintenance Is Easy

Driveways and sidewalks made using this approach will need very little in the way of maintenance. All that is required is some cleaning now and then as well as sealing when need be.


Exposed aggregate brings about a versatile approach in construction. It marries well with a wide range of treatment options be it stenciling, integral coloring and staining.


Repairs are difficult to fix

The exposed design creates a particular pattern, which means that during patching, the repaired areas need to match with the rest of the design. This is difficult to pull off.

The Application Process Is Tricky

You are basically trying to expose just enough of the concrete, and there is always the risk of going too far.

Exposed aggregate concrete will give your hard surface areas an amazing finish. It is hard wearing, durable and great for outdoor elements which get wet. The exposed material will glisten in the sunlight and will make your outdoor area very attractive.

Designer Premix is an innovative Designer Premix which has been transforming the landscaping of Perth homes since 1995. They specialize in Exposed Aggregate Designer Premix which is a perfect product for high traffic areas and areas subject to weather.


Important Tips to Help Create the Best Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Important Tips to Help Create the Best Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Among the first things that may impress your visitors is the quality of your driveway. A plain and simple driveway normally doesn’t add the curb appeal of any home. Imprinted concrete driveways, on the other hand, can be a wonderful, attention-grabbing entry to your home. Printed concrete driveways come with some benefits.  It’s very flexible and can be used on just about any shaped driveway. As a result of the flexibility of this paving method, the design can be adapted to complement the surrounding area. Such concrete driveways come in different colours, patterns, and textures. They are durable, easy to maintain, and during cold climates, it’s easy to clear off the snow.

Having great Imprinted Concrete Driveways all comes down to proper planning and relevant creativity.

Below are some tips on how to make use of concrete patterns to great effect:

Choose the right spot to use the concrete:

When you have decided to use imprinted concrete driveways, it’s always essential that you have a bigger picture in mind. Firstly, you should determine where the concrete with be put and the surfaces you want to improve. In this case, the right spot should be your driveway. Also, you should consider how much space you’ll need for the pavement. Choosing the right spot needs to be the first step in everything else greatly depends on getting this decision right.

Important Tips to Help Create the Best Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Great border makes a great design and pattern

The borders are essential when it comes to laying out your imprinted concrete driveway. There are so many options to choose from, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you’re looking to achieve. If you want to read more you can visit our best article here. You have to assess your surrounding and make a decision regarding how you would like the area to look like after you are done. You have to select the right pattern, which will bring out the best in your driveway.

Go for a good, reliable paving distribution and installation company

You should consider working with a good company if you want to get wonderful results. Ensure that the company that is responsible for providing you with the concrete is well-known to deliver good quality products.

Check the pricing

After all, you have a budget to work with, and this will determine the kind of imprinted concrete driveways you’ll use. Other factors that will affect the cost include the method of coloration and the quantity of concrete to be used. The most important thing at the end of the day has to be the quality of the product delivered. After reading this article visit this url for more to read. This is what you need to consider quality first when determining how big your budget needs to be. All things considered, your focus needs to be on the quality of the product rather than the cost.

Get some great inspiration sources and right coloring

You have to make a decision regarding the method to be used for coloring the concrete.  It might not be that easy to make the correct choice as far as the imprinted concrete driveways are concerned. The decision could be a bit easier when you’ve got the right inspiration sources. You can visit the, or maybe visit their website and check out their photo galleries before you make that decision. You can also seek advice from them at the same time.

In conclusion, these are just some of the tips that will help you with your project. You will notice that this project when completed will improve the look of your home and give it a more finished appearance. The elegance and luxury of having imprinted concrete driveways in your home are unimaginable. This will provide you with driveways that look as though they have come straight out of a magazine. Remember, will be more than ready to answer any queries and concerns you may have before starting the project.

What Makes The Best Driveways? Find the Best Driveway Designs

What Makes The Best Driveways? Find the Best Driveway Designs

Concrete driveways have become extremely popular throughout the world and it isn’t hard to see why. Concrete remains an inexpensive material, despite what so many believe and it really can be a walk in the park compared to other driveway materials. Apart from excellent construction (these guys are great:, what actually makes the best driveway?

What Ideas Do You Have For Your Home?

If you want to create a beautiful driveway design you have to think about what is going to work for your home. Now there are lots of options to consider but probably polished concrete will be one of the top ideas to consider. However the actual design can be quite difficult to handle. The design can be a stone-step effect or a basic concrete design; and there are many other options to choose from. This is something you want to give a lot of thought and consideration over because the finish look can make the driveway look its best.

What Makes The Best Driveways? Find the Best Driveway Designs

Simple Concrete Driveways Can Look Stunning

Concrete has to be one of the very best ideas to consider when it comes to creating a standout driveway. Concrete is simple to use, versatile and very durable and it is that what makes concrete stand out more so than ever before! Having a long-life option will be crucial and in all honesty it will be the most cost effective solution. You can also visit this site here for more information. Concrete driveways can look amazingly beautiful and you won’t have to pay out so much money either which can be very important to remember.

Consult a Driveway Specialist

Polished Concrete can look absolutely fantastic when it comes to your driveway; and there are lots of options to consider also. However if you aren’t sure about the actual design of the driveway then you may find consulting a specialist to be the right move. If you need to know more you can checkout this link here. Remember once you have the concrete down, it’s very difficult to change it again without costing you potentially hundreds more so you need all the help you can get. Concrete are probably the best materials to use but the actual design can be much more challenging. You may want to consider what you think will work best.

Simple Designs Go Far

However when it comes to concrete driveways designs you may want to think about a simple design. Now you may think simple isn’t good but in reality it may be far better. It might be less costly for you and it may look much better. Going overboard with your driveway is crazy because as long as it looks nice and clean it doesn’t need to be fancy.

Get a Lovely Driveway

Driveways are important and they are supposed to look good. You should look to ensure the designs you use are lovely but subtle. This can go a long way and remember if you use the best materials you can see your driveway lasting forever. Concrete is a long-lasting option and even if it get damaged you can easily repair it. Polished concrete driveways can look amazing and if you take the time to design the driveway then you can see a perfect finish.

Everything You Need to Know About Exposed Aggregate Concrete

One form of decorative concrete commonly seen is exposed aggregate concrete. You can identify it by its ‘exposed’ surface of aggregates (pebbles, shells, crushed quarry stones, etc), which would otherwise be concealed under a layer of cement. If you are considering exposed aggregate concrete vs other decorative concrete forms, here are a few interesting and useful things to know about this design.

Where It Can Be Used

Exposed aggregate concrete is often used for flatwork such as footpaths, patios, driveways, patios, plazas, etc. It has also been used for vertical surfaces such as architectural facades, decorative retaining walls and sound barrier walls.

Why Use It?

Exposed aggregate concrete is strong, durable and thus should require very little maintenance. Strength and durability is highly important in the design of outdoor flatwork like driveways and sidewalks, as the concrete surface should be capable of withstanding weather extremes and the movement of vehicles and people over a long period of time. This is not only for cost efficiency but also for safety – damaged driveways and sidewalks pose obvious dangers for people. A further safety feature of exposed aggregate concrete is its rugged, slip-resistant texture. This minimizes the potential for cars skidding or pedestrians falling in snowy or rainy weather; it is also great material to use in designing swimming pool edges/surrounds. Additionally, the color and texture of exposed aggregate concrete is visually striking, especially in comparison to plain concrete. There are a number of exposure methods and aggregate mixes that contractors can choose from when making exposed aggregate concrete, each creating a distinctively different appearance and texture. A good example of how varied exposed aggregate concrete can appear is shown in this colour chart. Thus, it is easy to choose an exposed aggregate concrete design which will match or contrast with the rest of your house.

Things to Look Out For

Firstly, the selection and placement of exposed aggregate concrete is by no means a job that can be done without the help of professionals. Careless work could result in complicated problems with drainage and fall of the land. With that in mind, do make sure that the contractors you hire are experienced and qualified for this work. Secondly, though exposed aggregate concrete requires limited maintenance, it does require sealing every three to five years. Sealing helps to protect the concrete against staining, and thus keeps it glossy and aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, if any portion of your exposed aggregate concrete needs repairing, it may be difficult to re-create the aggregate mix to match with the original design.

On the whole, however, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to exposed aggregate concrete. For more information about this, speak to Designer Premix at Designer Premix is a company located in Melbourne which specializes in quality exposed aggregate with new and innovative mix designs. They are thus well equipped to provide advice and deliver excellent service tailored specifically to your needs.

Which Cleaning Company You Should Prefer

Choosing a good janitorial service for your home or office can be a real challenge. To start with, you can see a great number of offers and surely, if you have never dealt with such a choice in the past, you will have no idea about how to choose the most effective service for you. There are certain steps you can take to make the process of choosing easier, but the final choice should be made by you alone, depending on your needs and budget. Read more

Have a Piece of Advice

If you are searching for a reliable janitorial service for the first time, you can turn to people who have already used their services. This means that you should ask your friends, relatives, colleagues, and anybody you can trust. In this case, you will have tested the services with a certain quality to price ratio. Click here to read more info about janitorial service.

Which Cleaning Company You Should Prefer

Compare Experience and Reliability

Choosing a company on your own, you need to give special attention to the experience different companies have. Companies that have been around for a long time are more experienced in their direct tasks and are more reliable. Knowing that a certain company has been serving people for about fifteen years will most likely reassure you that your office or home will be safe and clean after their visit. You also need to make sure that the company is insured and bears normal liability.

Keep an Eye on Quality Control

Your preferences should certainly be given to janitorial companies that can offer you some effective quality control. It can be done through some new janitorial quality control software or in any other way, but the very fact that it is present plays in favor of a particular company. There are companies that start serving you in an excellent way, but show worsening results in several months. It usually happens due to the fact that managers relax, thinking that the client is in their pocket now. You should not stand it. Either issue a complaint or choose another company without such an attitude.

Make Sure That They Can Serve You

Finally, go to specific matters that mean a lot for you personally. For example, when choosing a company, you can ask them whether they can do ecologically friendly cleaning, how much cleaning means they usually spend on an apartment like yours, what equipment they have, and so on. If you need special soft and ecological cleaning of a premise that is inhabited by an allergic person, you need to inform the company at once. Some of them just have no suitable means, and this point should be made clear in the very beginning.

The Availability of Wild Animal Garden Statues

If some homeowners are fond of wildlife, the good news for them is that it is possible to bring a forest or jungles to their garden or yard. The only thing that they need to do in order to achieve this goal is to choose suitable statues. These days, there are many suppliers who can offer this kind of opportunity. People should know that those statues may come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns. This means that anyone can be sure to find a perfect type.Click here to read more info about wildlife.

A Few Helpful Tips

First, it is necessary to choose the right place to display those garden statues, such as deer, tigers, lions, and others. The best location that property owners can choose is the area that is populated with shady trees, large shrubs, and other natural greenery, like some tall ornamental grasses. It is advisable to nestle those items on the foliage, or people can place them on the edge of their garden plots.

Another important step that should be taken is to ensure that those statues are provided by reputable suppliers, such as LM Treasures. Those need to be able to ensure a high quality. Besides, if some people want to bring jungles to their residential property, it makes sense to combine climbing vide plants and trees with wide canopies. This is how they are able to add a jungle atmosphere to their house. Read some more interesting

The Availability of Wild Animal Garden Statues

Other Tricks and Hints That Can Be Used

It is always best to get those animal statues that can be found in real jungles. This can be said for gorillas, panthers, elephants, and so on. Their main feature is that they help to provide either aggressive or relaxed stances. When it comes to some limited garden spaces, people should choose foxes and Meer cats, as these are considered as the most suitable fixtures.

In addition, there are many wild animal statues that can help them add a special touch to their water scenes. If homeowners have some locations with ponds, reflecting or swimming pools, they need to use such fixtures as tortoises, turtles, and bear cubs. If they have some cooler location, the best choice that can be made is to use polar bears. It is clear that there are different options to choose from, so people need to think about their personal wishes and criteria to be able to create a perfect garden.

How to Remove Clots That Consist of Diverse Substances

You have probably faced the situation many times: something gets stuck in drain pipes and water goes down slowly or does not leave at all. The main reason why this happens is a lot of everyday stuff that clots drain pipes such as hair and dust, edible and non-edible fats, soap, etc. If the problem is not serious, you can cope with it on your own. Read more

How Fat Can Be Removed

To start with, you need to remove all the visible stuff from the drain hole. If it is a kitchen, then, probably, the main part of the clot is hardened fat. It can be dissolved with the help of very hot water. The water should really be boiling hot because the water that flows from your tap is not hot enough. After pouring the water into the hole, let the drain pipe stay for a while and then wash it. If the method still does not work, you can try clearing the clot with some cooking soda. It will turn the fat into soap, and it will be washed away easily. Click here to read more info about drain hole cleaning.

How to Remove Clots That Consist of Diverse Substances

The mixture will not damage pipes, but it is able to dissolve fats and disinfect the drain from the inside. In case you have problems with a bathroom drain hole, you need more powerful chemical agents that can dissolve hair and other organic residue. These chemicals are available in any store. However, you need to be very careful using them because they are extremely dangerous for the skin, eyes, and lungs. Try to work with them in rubber gloves, and avoid any contact with bare skin, eyes, or respiratory ways.

How to Solve Toilet Drain Problems

Yet, troubles with sinks and bathtubs are less serious and complicated than clotting of toilet drain pipes. You need to be very attentive to the way your toilet withdraws water each time you flush it. As soon as there is something unusual in the way this procedure happens, you should turn to a professional that does plumbing Victorville CA or elsewhere in your area. You should not perform any manipulations with the toilet if you are not a professional and cannot see the stuff that clots the toilet drain. Without the necessary skills and tools, you will only be able to push the stuff deeper down the drain or make it even more solid. It is dangerous because you can occasionally create a drain fountain in your toilet and complicate the task for professional plumbers.

Choose Your Concrete Floor Contractor Melbourne With Care

Choosing the proper contractor for you exposed aggregate concrete work is very important. This type of work is a specialized field that only most professionals know how to do the job properly. You would not want to take your car to the car wash and hire the guy washing cars to change out your transmission for you; would you? When hiring a professional for a job like your concrete flooring, you want someone that knows what they are doing, so your floor will last a long time and will get the desired look that you are searching for. There are many techniques in creating the proper look and durability to your new flooring and you want to make sure that you are selecting the proper contractor to do that for you. Read more

Choose Your Concrete Floor Contractor Melbourne With Care

Concrete Work Is Changing

A concrete floor is not always just a grey concrete floor anymore and it is important to find the proper contractor Melbourne that knows how to use the latest and newest technology in giving you the look that will fit the needs of your home or business. In many homes today, polished concrete is being looked at as an equivalent to marble flooring by some home owners. It is becoming widely popular because of the ability to have such a large variation of style and color to help in creating your decor. It can be very affordable since many of the components that are added to make your style are natural and easily obtainable, making a spectacular looking flooring project that can be worked into most any budget. In order to make your project work for you, it is vital that you find the right contractor that can help your dreams become a reality. Click here to read more info about concrete changing.

Finding The Right Contractor

See if they have pictures of previous jobs they have done
How long have they been doing specialized concrete work
Do not be afraid to ask any questions that would make you feel more comfortable
Make sure the contractor can work within your budget
Make sure he cares about what you are wanting and will listen to your concerns

Selecting Your Flooring

When discussing your polished concrete flooring with your selected contractor, make sure he understands what you are wanting to accomplish. Being a professional, and experienced in the industry, he should be able to offer you many ideas and help you to choose the best style and designs for your new project. Your contractor will know what has to be done to complete your project and what steps they will have to take to ensure that your flooring will be solid and up to years of wear from normal every day usage.

Your contractor will know the size of the crew and the experience of his crew that he will need. There is also specialized equipment that he will need to use in order to properly get the job completed for you. With his knowledge and experience, now it is time for you to relax and let him complete the job that you have hired him to complete. Once you have made it to this stage, you should be comfortable with your contractor and familiar with the techniques that they will be using to create your beautiful flooring. It might be wise Melbourne, to check out and see if they can help to to complete your dream concrete flooring project.


Decorative Concrete – Artistic, Available, Affordable

Concrete driveways, sidewalks and basement floors use to be the main consideration in the use of concrete when building your new home. With the use of technology Melbourne, in today’s contracting world this product has opened up an entirely new concept. Technology has brought our dull grey concrete to life adding artistic style, flair and elegance to match even the most modern decor and lifestyle. Not only has this become the choice of decor for many upper level homes, but is proving to last a lifetime. The ability to select a customized look to meet your decor and your personality will allow you to make your own statement with class and style. Click here to read more info about decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete - Artistic, Available, Affordable

Showing Your Artistic Side

Even if you are planning to open your corporate office and you want to make a statement in your waiting area, there are many decorative options that you could choose from to give your potential customers a good first impression. From your parking area outside, including any decorative walls and sidewalks to the flooring on the inside of your office, the ability to do this with concrete has now become a reality. The ability to even add a theme to your flooring such as if your office has to do with cars, there is the ability to have some car parts set in your flooring to add to the decor and make your statement to your customers. Your contractor will be able to advise what else you could add to keep the strength and durability of your project along with making your statement.

Why Has Concrete Become So Popular

The use of artistic flair
The ability to add additional colors to match most any decor
The availability of the materials to add to create your desired look
Since the availability is there, this can normally make the project much more affordable
The durability of concrete with additionally added materials to give it more strength

Using Decorative Concrete

Polished Concrete is included the broad category of decorative concrete in today’s style of construction. Many times, this technique and style of construction is being compared to marble flooring or a very upscale and elegant modern decor. This type of concept use to only be considered in elegant homes normally owned by the very wealthy. Today this is growing rapidly among the normal working class homes and subdivisions in many cities and areas across the map. Many developers are building walls to the entrance of their new subdivision, using the art of concrete and stamping it with designs to show their dreams for the homeowners that move into the area.

As you are driving down the interstate and notice a new overpass that has a southwest design or a lizard or cactus that goes along with the state, you might not realize that a lot of that is made from concrete that is stamped and designed with colors and boarders to make the area more inviting to the guests in the area. Much of this design is very elegant and does add a comforting and inviting feeling showing that someone has taken pride in the area and wants to pass that pride along to others. Not only does the draw of the ability to add the artistic flair, but the availability of the materials and products used to create these looks are normally easily available for the projects. This helps to keep the costs more affordable for most any project. so when you are considering your new project in the Melbourne area, visit and see how they can help you create your own masterpiece.


What Is A Polished Concrete Floor?

Designer Premix is a great place to start looking Melbourne, for help in creating your own customized design for your concrete work needs. This company offers a variety of options to match your landscape and decor to create the desired look for you home or business. There are many reasons as to why that this type of construction has become so popular and effective. One is the fact that it is so versatile and can be custom designed to meet the needs of many businesses and homes. This versatility can include adding of various colors to the materials that can create their own statements.

Why Choose The Polished Look?

The polished look is many times used as flooring inside of many homes and businesses. It can still show the style of the aggregate designs but has been treated with a chemical densifier and then is ground off with diamond grinding wheels and polishing pads. Dyes and stains are often added to enhance the polished look as well designs such as scoring, borders and grids. This creates a smooth shiny effect that can bring life to any room. Choosing this style of flooring indoors has also been known to help to eliminate allergens that enter our home causing many homeowners to get sick. With this flooring, a simple good sweeping and mopping will remove all those dreaded dust mites and pollens, leaving your room allergy free. This type of flooring with the proper maintenance can last in excess of over 100 years. Click here to read more info about the polished look.

What Is A Polished Concrete Floor?

Why Has This Choice Become So Popular?

Does not absorb moisture
Almost never stains with spills
Easy to clean and maintain
Can be cost effective with the use of many natural elements
Can last a lifetime with little or no effort

Designing Your Plan

When you are making your plans for you new polished concrete, realize that this is an investment into your future. Take into consideration that there is not additional floor coverings needed such as carpets or hardwood and the future maintenance of this project will be very minimal. All of the savings that you will get, could almost pay for this special technique by themselves. The durability of this project that can last you a lifetime, plus the financial savings and the variety that is available for you to choose from is making this a number one choice in Melbourne and other areas.

There are special contractors that are very good with this technique and will be happy to discuss your new project with you. When the day comes to move into your new home or business, you will be able to move in with pride and be excited to show off your new creation to your family and friends. No matter if you have chosen an inside flooring or your outside patio, walkways, parking areas or decorative walls, knowing that you have taken pride in your project and your future will show with your choice of your polished exposed aggregate concrete project.